Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summertime Special: Oily Skin

So I have a friend who suggested this post ;-) as well as a more prolonged summertime series so there wasn't so much pressure on me to come up with a week's worth of summer-related material in a week, so you have many more summertime specials to look forward to!

In an unrelated beauty update, my nails and skin are looking great lately. Like my mother commented on BOTH (I know!), but the only thing that's different is that the weather changed. It's not consistently warm out and my skin/hair/nails love warmer weather. Further reassurance that I need to move out to Arizona or somewhere so I can look gorgeoise all the time.

I thought this was a good topic to follow the post on SPF since they are related in my experience. I suffer from oily skin, not rivulets-of-oil-coming-off-of-your-middle-school-cafeteria-pizza oily, but definitely your-hand-after-eating-a-two-piece-from-Popeye's oily. So much so that it has endangered my life before. Totally serious. My skin gets so oily that it runs into my eyes and burns so bad that I am temporarily blinded. I kid you not. This has happened a number of times while I have been driving. My mom actually has the same problem, for once. So finding products that really work is important and can be really challenging. I am going to try really hard to make this a post about oily skin and not acneic skin, because they are different problems, but know now there will be some crossover and adult acne will probably be my next post simply out of necessity.

So what do we do about oily skin?? I'll tell you what has decreased the oiliness of my skin significantly this summer: good products and maintenance. I am a Proactiv user (I know, I hate the commercials too and for the longest time I wouldn't try their products off principle) and I've seen people use it both with and without success. I still have to use oil removing sheets and such, but the incidence of oil-blindness experiences has decreased significantly with that line of products. Other tips for the oily summer months:

1) Carry oil blotting sheets with you. The packaging is thin enough and usually small enough to be very portable. I've said before that my preference is the Clean and Clear sheets, but for those of you that like more green products, the Body Shop has these Natural Minerals Blotting Tissues that I have been dying to try.
2) Get a mattifying product like the Peter Thomas roth Anti-Shine Mattifying Gel, the successor to the discontinued and much loved Clinique mattifying gel. I have not personally tried this product, still using the last of my Clinique, but I've read tons of reviews. It seems like it doesn't work for people with very oily skin, but if that's the case you should probably be seeing a dermatologist anyway.
3) Wash your face twice a day, no more. Once in the morning and once before bed. Any more than that will activate your sebaceous glands even more and they will produce even more oil resulting in this endless cycle of buttered face.
4) Use oil-free products. I know this seems like a "duh" piece of advice, but think about the products you might use elsewhere that might get transferred to your face. Lotions, perfumes, and (the big one for me) hair products. All will eventually drip, rub, run, etc. their way to your facial epidermis.
5) Change your linens frequently enough. I met an esthetician once with flawless skin who used a fresh towel everyday. I change my bed sheets and towel at least once a week, often my towel is changed more frequently than that. Sheets and towel hold on to bacteria and oils from your body that are transferred back on your face.

The last thing about oily skin, it is so tempting to forgo a moisturizer because you know your face will be shiny halfway through the day or earlier. Resist temptation! Oil does not equal moisture. Your skin still needs to be adequately hydrated both internally and externally. There are some gel moisturizers I have been wanting to test. If anyone knows of good ones, tell them to share and I'll post product reviews as soon as I can try some new products.

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  1. This is exactly what I need! This summer, my nose has started shining like crazy again. I'm guilty of over-washing in attempts to get rid of oil, but I'm definitely gonna get some oil-blotting sheets instead.