Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OPI Axxium Gel Manicure

Love love love love! OPI gets a big 'ol fabulicious for this! It's just like getting a gel set but without the thickness or fake nail. I haven't tried CND's Shellac to compare the two but a girl in the salon said she preferred Axxium to Shellac. And it was more expensive.

Best part, the Axxium colors match already existing OPI colors, so you're not trying out whole new color (unless you want to) for your longest lasting manicure ever. I was super glad that I had my SPF 55 in my purse however, because you put your hands under the UV curing light after each layer is applied, so a grand total of four times. I could feel the wrinkles forming on my knuckles. I jsut wish I had been this vigilant about protecting my hand skin since I started getting manis!

Visit http://www.opi.com to check out what colors are available. Axxium is found under the "Hands/Feet" tab.


  1. I've actually gotten several Gel Manicures (thank you Groupon)and must say that the only reason I even consider them is that I ABHOR sitting under the nail dryer and I love that these are instantly dry. However, I found that they really don't last as long as promised (at least for me and a few other friends of mine) because in a week or so, they tend to start peeling at the edges and if you're a picker like me, you'll tug at the loose edge until the whole thing comes off in one clean sheet. I've honestly never soaked-off a gel mani because they peel so predictably (I think due to the thick layerinG)! The fact that they're healthier and less tack than acrylics, don't smudge and are instantly dry is a huge plus so I would recommend for special occasions or long weekend trips (before the peeling starts!) but it's frustrating that the peeling is harder to conceal than chipped nail polish which you can just take off or touch up. Also, if you want a dark color in the Axxium, they'll need to paint on a bunch of layers to get the color right, which I think makes it peel faster.

    When do you apply the SPF? Pre-Mani, mid-mani, post-mani?

  2. Pre-mani. Any SPF should be applied 15 minutes prior to sun exposure. And if you apply it early enough it should last through a good soaping and/or scrub.